What to do when you hit rock bottom

So you have finally realized it? Or should I rather say that you are ready to admit it?

You have hit rock bottom.

What now?

Well, I will give you 5 simple steps to follow that will help you on your way back to the top.

Step 1: Confess the mess.

If you are reading this article, then hopefully that means you have already completed this step. You have decided to admit that you have hit rock bottom. The first step in my opinion is always admitting that there is a problem to begin with.

Step 2: Find the leak.

This step could be the most important step if you want to stay at the top once you get there. Identifying what caused your slide to rock bottom will help you from falling down the rabbit hole again.
There is a lesson to be learned in failure and often it is a lesson you don’t want to have to learn twice. So look at your downfall objectively and find the gold in the dirt.

Step 3: Get an advisor or advisors.

The book of Proverbs in the Bible says that there is wisdom in having many advisors. I believe in this with all my heart, but I will caution you not to make the mistake of choosing the wrong advisors.

Choose a person or persons that have knowledge in the area that you failed and open up to them. These advisors should be older and more experienced or, in some cases, just have more experience and wisdom.

Allow them to speak into your situation and objectively listen. Then apply the advice given to the infected areas. They should be able to bring you some clarity and practical advice. Even if it is just enough to spark your mind into coming up with solutions.

There is power in numbers.

Step 4: The game plan.

Now that you have found your advisors and brainstormed with them, you should put these strategies down on paper and formulate a structured plan. This plan should have short term (as well as long term steps or goals, if you like) and this will be your GAME PLAN!

Step 5: Stick to it!

Stick to the plan you have set in motion. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? But in reality, distractions and challenges will inevitably arise.

To use an example; say a person with debt up to their necks follows steps 1 through 4 and has committed to step 5. He receives a new credit card in the mail just as his tv packs up. What should he do? I say, “Stick to it!” Stick to the GAME PLAN! It may take a little longer than simply swiping your new credit card, but it will give you a lasting and a lot less stressful results.

So, to recap the steps to help you get back to the top:

Step 1: Confess the mess.
Admit that you have a problem or challenges.

Step 2: Find the leak.
Identify the source of the problem and plug it.

Step 3: Find an advisor or advisors.
Get people with experience and knowledge to give you sound advice that you will be able to apply practically.

Step 4: The GAME PLAN.
Formulate a plan with long and short term goals to aim for.

Step 5: Stick to it!
Stick to the plan even when distractions arise.

I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments, thoughts and questions below. Have a great day!


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Nathan L Simons

Young, free, creative and on fire - because of Jesus.

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