The power of YES!

What if you knew that everything you ever dreamed of was available to you and all you would have to do to get it, is say yes. Well I’m here to tell that it is available and attainable.

You’re probably thinking that is the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard, right? How is just saying yes gonna help get me that beautiful Lamborghini I’ve been eyeing since high school? Should i just yes to giving up all of my salary to own it? Or how is saying yes gonna help me take my business to the next level? Should I just say yes to every opportunity that comes my way?

Well not exactly. Maybe I should have phrased it this way. Saying yes can help you get to the next level but it depends what you say yes to. Painfully obvious isn’t it. Almost to obvious? Often it is the most obvious steps we don’t practice that are the most important. Saying yes to the right question will inspire the right thought pattern or best thought pattern for breeding solutions. The same can be said for saying no to the right question or yes to wrong question. It will produce negative thoughts and soul draining emotions.

The truth is life is filled with mostly yes or no questions. And when faced with a challenge or a choice. Saying yes to one option is actually saying no to option 2 (Now I have to state that these are my opinions and views). For example you need to buy a new car. Your options are Ford, Toyota and BMW. You decide to go with BMW and it is a wise choice. You saying yes the the BMW was also you saying no to the Ford and Toyota.

So in conclusion what I want you to realize here is that when facing challenges in your life, business, work and family. That challenge will present you with options and whatever option you choose to say yes to will produce a thought pattern. Negative or positive. Saying yes to the wrong one could result in anger, depression and whole host of other unhealthy emotions and thought patterns whereas the other option(the right option in my opinion) is a well that will help breed the right thought pattern to bring solutions and satisfaction.

So ask yourself these questions beforemaking a decision. What are you saying yes to? And what kind of thought pattern is it inspiring?

I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments, thoughts and questions below. Have a great day!


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Nathan L Simons

Young, free, creative and on fire - because of Jesus.

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